Download UMT QC-fire 6.2 latest Version Setup

Today UMT tool Ocicailly Announce UMT QC-Fire 6.2 With Big Update Many Update But Some Bugs Because of its Version temporary in Beta So I think Very Soon fix All issue and Provided Latest Update Fresh QC-Fire Version. Download UMT QC-Fire 6.2 and use for No Auth Mi Account Remove Add Some Qualcomm Model its Very Big Update, Good News For User So We very Happy and Very Big Thanks UMT tool Developer Team link in Given UMT Qc-Fire 6.2

The Qc-Fire Tool Given From UMT Dongle One Of the Most Useful Tool of Qualcomm CPU for like Vivo, Oppo, Redmi, Micromax, and many more Phone Company with the help of this tool you can easily read Password or Pattern, Reset and Remove MI account, FRP Unlock, IMEI Repair, etc.

  • UMTv2_UMTPro_QcFire_v6.2_Setup – Download (Latest Version)
  • UMTv2_UMTPro_QcFire_v5.5_Setup – Download
  • UMTv2 UMTPro UltimateEMMC Tool – Download
  • UMT Support Access – Download
  • UMT FRP Tool – Download
  • UMT_Samsung Tool – Download
  • UMTPro GSM Tool – Download
  • UMT MTK Tool 3.1 – Download (Latest Version)
  • UMT_CARD_Drivers  - Download

  • What's New Update In UMT Qc-Fire 6.0

    UMTv2 / UMTPro - QcFire 6.0
    The Ultimate Qualcomm Tool
    Supported Functions
    - Read / Write Firmware
    - Backup / Restore QCN
    - IMEI Repair in FTM/Diag + Flash Mode 
    - Backup / Reset / Restore Security (EFS)
    - Reset FRP (Google Factory Reset Protection)
    - Format UserData
    - Read Pattern Lock (Android < 6.0, Un-Encrypted Devices Only)
    - Reset Locks (PIN, Password, Pattern w/o Data Loss, Un-Encrypted Devices Only)
    - Enable Diag (Need OEM Unlock, May not work on BL Locked Devices)
    - Reboot to EDL from Fastboot
    - Reset Mi Account for Xiaomi Devices
    - Disable Mi Account for Xiaomi Devices
    - Factory Reset (sideload Mode) for Xiaomi Devices
    - Disable / Restore Locks for Encrypted Userdata
    - Motorola Boot Repair
    - Xiaomi EDL Locked Device Service
    - Bootloader Unlock in EDL Mode for some Xiaomi Devices
    - One-Click Root in EDL Mode for Generic Qualcomm Devices
    - Forensic Functions (Read Contacts / Messages in EDL Mode)
    - One-Click Lock Reset for Vivo Phones (Encrypted Userdata)
    - Factory Method for Format FS
    - EDL Authentication using Xiaomi Auth App (Service Account Required)
    - Xiaomi Wipe EFS in Sideload Mode 
    - Xiaomi IMEI Repair for RSA Protected Phones 
    - Xiaomi Boot Loader Unlock
    - Unique Method for Vivo Reset Locks for Protected Devices
    - Xiaomi EDL Auth Using UMT Server
    - Xiaomi Flashing in Fastboot Mode
    - Nokia Factory Firmware (nb0) Direct Flashing
    - Oppo OFP Firmware Extraction Added
    - Xiaomi Free Auth Service - NEW!!!
    Note: Some features are special for the device/brand, may not work on all types of devices.
    - A88
    - Nubia Red Magic 5G

    Xiaomi No Auth/Free Auth Service Added (BETA)
    - Mi A3 
    - Poco F1
    - Redmi 6 Pro
    - Redmi 7A
    - Redmi 8 
    - Redmi 8A
    - Redmi 8A Dual
    - Redmi 8A Pro
    - Redmi Note 7 Pro
    Added Free Auth Service
    - If the phone asks for EDL Auth, the software will first try with Free Service
    - If Free Service does not work, it will ask for Auth Server as usual
    Xiaomi FB Flasher
    - Disabled cyclist flashing by default to avoid CRC check error on some devices
    - You can Tick mark cyclist and Specific if you want to flash 
    - Added Select All and Unselect All button

    Special Thanks to:
    - amjadnona
    - technomak

    We have hundreds of Devices Supported apart from those listed.

    ESN (Electronic Serial Number), MEID (Mobile Equipment Identifier), and IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) CHANGING are ILLEGAL.
    In INTERNATIONAL EDITION, these functions have been provided to recover or repair original ESN, MEID, and IMEI only, which was lost due to software or another technical fault, and such ESN, MEID, and IMEI must be mentioned on Purchase Bill and Box and Phone Back Label.

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