Download UMT Pro Dongle Latest Setup: UMT QC Fire v7.9 | UMT MTK_5.0

Download UMT latest Setup For MTK, Qualcomm, GSM(Samsung, LG, etc.), and LG Tool. In this post, I understood how to Install and Operate UMT Tool After downloading. So, You Must Read Until the last page, I Also introduce how to use UMT- multi-tool, and you can download UMTall setup like- UMT QC-FIRE latest Setup 7.9, and UMT MTK Setup 5.0 UMT EMMC Tool 0.3, and many other tools.

Download UMT Dongle Step Latest Version:

Download UMT Latest Setup and UMT Card Driver, We Have Collected all the Latest setups and Provided them to you all my Subscribers and visitors, We also have all types of Dongle and Box Setup and Unlocking solutions first of all on all Websites of GSM Solution.

  • Download_UMT QC-Fire 8.0- Mediafire (Latest Version)
  • Download_UMT Mtk 5.0- Click here (Latest Version)
  • Download_UMT Mtk 3.6- Click here (pass.-

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UMTv2 / UMTPro
UltimateMTK v3.6
Added Support for the following functions:
- Read Info
- Reset FRP (For devices supporting this feature)
- Reset Locks (All Android Versions, Encrypted Userdata NOT Supported)
- Read Pattern (Android 5. x and earlier, Encrypted Userdata NOT Supported)
- Format FS
- Format FS (Advance)
- IMEI Repair in META / Boot Mode
- Backup NVRAM
- Restore NVRAM
- Reboot to META / FACTORY / FASTBOOT Mode
- Added Support for Helio CPU (MT6750, MT6755, MT6763, MT6739 etc)
- Disable Lock / Restore Lock for Encrypted Userdata
- Remove Locks for Encrypted Userdata for Vivo
- Factory Reset in META Mode (Vivo, Oppo, and others) 
- SafeFormat Option to let device format itself safely in recovery
- Added Support for Helio X20 (MT6797)
- One-Click Format for Oppo/Realme Phones in Meta

Added Oppo/Realme Factory Reset in META

Should work on most Oppo Devices with the following CPU:
- MT6771
- MT6762
- MT6763
- MT6765


Please note that not all devices are tested.

Some Minor Improvements


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